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In September 2012 Iron Fist magazine a brand spanking new metal magazine for die-hard metallersarrived on the scene. It was edited by Louise Brown (ex-Terrorizer).
This was the magazine's website.

Content is from the site's 2012 -2013 archived content providing a brief glimpse of what this ezine offered its readership.



Published on September, 2012


Iron Fist is a new magazine aimed squarely at connoisseurs. It will be a magazine that caters for the disciples of heavy metal, whether that be traditional or classic metal, black, death, thrash or power metal. Iron Fist is born out of passion for music and is a call to arms for other metal maniacs that want to reminisce about the genre’s early days while remaining hungry for the new blood keeping the scene alive. With Iron Maiden, Metallica, King Diamond and Black Sabbath ruling the summer stages at festivals and on worldwide tours, it is undisputed that heavy metal is back on top and Iron Fist will be the bi-monthly bible for those that can’t live without their denim and leather.

Iron Fist is for fans of bands who push the boundaries of performance, who don’t just play a show, they put on a show, who write music that has a mission statement, who play like their lives depend on it. With blood, sweat and tears, Iron Fist will follow their journeys whether it’s their 25th year of extremity or their first steps to heavy metal infamy. If it’s being talked about in the obsessive circles of the heavy metal underground then Iron Fist will be on the frontline.

Edited by Louise Brown (ex-Terrorizer) with an awesome team of heavy metal nerds (meant in the nicest sense of course) behind her. You can contact her on




Forty Years of Delivering the Goods - ISSUE 11

Racing though the heavens, straight into the dawn, the immortal titans JUDAS PRIEST have returned. Unholy architects of much of what we now consider heavy metal, the Brum-birthed bezerkers have forged onwards with a bloody-minded singularity of approach for some forty years now, informing everything from the music’s full-throttle, speed-fuelled attack to its wardrobe in the process. Jim Martin gets the lowdown from ROB HALFORD, IAN HILL and new axeman RICHIE FAULKNER on the trials, tribulations and triumphs they’ve encountered in a life of steel.

So long are the shadows that Priest have cast that countless bands have named themselves after one of their tunes, and one of the greatest, naturally, are EXCITER. The Canadian power trio, who dented heads with classic ’80s albums like ‘Heavy Metal Maniac’ and ‘Long Live The Loud’ are also with a vengeance, and Damien talks to longstanding rivetheads DAN BEEHLER and JOHN RICCI on their wayward pursuit of violence and force.

Another band named after a tune by a titanic metal force (much like this magazine) OVERKILL are also on customarily savage form at present, and inimitable frontman BOBBY ‘BLITZ’ ELLSWORTH has dealt with numerous instances of serious illness as well as the attendant struggles of keeping his perenially vicious force on the road throughout its lengthy career. Kevin Stewart-Panko chats to the sandpaper-throated legend.

Whilst bands like Exciter and Overkill were lurching from strength to strength in the mid-’80s, MANILLA ROAD were languishing in obscurity despite working on epic metal classics like ‘Crystal Logic’ and ‘Open The Gates and indeed continued to do so nearly a quarter-century thereafer, heralded only by the connoisseurs and nutcases of the metal brethren before cult status finally reached them. Damien delves into the whys and wherefores of a cryptic metallic force.

1984 was an exciting year for the murkier realms of the heavy metal underground, with VENOM releasing the divisive yet awesome prog-filth of ‘At War With Satan’, and their spiritual descendents volleying forth with both alien intensity (VOIVOD’s interstellar trash-trawl ‘War And Pain’) and unpretentious gusto (WARFARE’s aptly named ‘Pure Filth’) Iron Fist chats to all three bands on the genesis of their ungodly art, and the psychic repercussions of it into the present day.

After all, torchbearers of the iconoclastic spirit of metal are plentiful in the here and now the world over, and we track down some of the most vital and vicious for this issue: longstanding US blasphemy-mongers NUNSLAUGHTER, New Zealand-based death/black deviants DIOCLETIAN and, just in case there weren’t enough congregations for you, both Greek full-frontal-assaulters DEAD CONGREGATION and Australian funeral doom legends MOURNFUL CONGREGATION.

If that wasn’t enough for you, NUCLEAR ASSAULT man GLENN EVANS checks in with us on life in an NYC thrash institution, we unpick the complicated saga that has led to the new ENTOMBED AD album, and we chat with ’70s-slaves BLUES PILLS, venture to Sweden for MUSKELROCK and to Peru for this month’s World Downfall, and last but by no means least delve into the record collection of no lesser a metalhead than FENRIZ.

‘Heavy Metal’ bellowed Judas Priest’s Rob Halford with admirable candour back on the ‘Ram It Down’ album. ‘Heavy Metal, whadda you want?’ Whatever you want from heavy metal, rest assured it’s right here.


Published on June 25th, 2014

In this issue of Iron Fist we celebrate the legacies and careers of two bands responsible for the progression of extreme music as we know it; CELTIC FROST and MAYHEM. Bo>XXXXth celebrate 30 years of existence this year and both are still dabbling in the dark arts; Tom G Warrior with TRIPTYKON and Mayhem with their new album ‘Esoteric Warfare’. In our cover story, Thomas Gabriel Fischer talks to Jim Martin about what drove him to create Hellhammer and the early Frost demos and how those same inspirations are channelled into his current work, while Kim Kelly talks to Necrobutcher and Attila Csihar about the formation, and dogged survival, of one of the most important bands still playing and creating heavy metal music today. Talking of dogged survival, we also talk to maidens of metal, DORO and Ann Boleyn of HELLION about how they started their respective bands, Warlock and Hellion, and how nothing will get in their way as they continue to make music three decades after they begun.
Elsewhere in the magazine we talk to AT THE GATES about their forthcoming album and reveal details of new works by 40 WATT SUN, GEHENNAH, Gaz Jennings (ex-Cathedral) and Phil Swanson (ex-Hour Of 13). We launch our new series on bands that we believe are criminally underrated and kick off with John Mincemoyer’s defence of Finnish masters OZ. Death metal masters Autopsy get the Under The Influence treatment and we look back at the early days of CRADLE OF FILTH in our The Past Is Alive section.
The magazine is jam-packed, as always, with features from bands past and present, including HIRAX, PORTRAIT, THE TOWER, BLACK ANVIL, PILGRIM, GRAVEHILL and BELOW as well as our Into Battle section (which this month features the likes of COBRA, THE GOLDEN GRASS, LVCIFYRE and more) and the usual reviews, news and a brand new column from VOLTURE’s Ryan Waste.
R U still morbid? You will be…



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    Published on August 16th, 2013
    Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 16.12.25It was so good to have KING DIAMOND back on British soil this weekend… and it’s good to have the King on the cover of Iron Fist issue 6. When we started this magazine a year ago (yep, we can’t believe it either!) it was always our dream interview and with the 30th anniversary of ‘Melissa’ coming up (we can’t believe that either!) Damien spoke to the man himself about his whole career, from Brainstorm to Bloodstock… he even hinted at a possible Fate reunion… we live in hope!

    Putting issue 6 together was carnage, we must admit. It’s festival season, which means that most of our team were lying face down in a field somewhere in Europe rather than tethered to our keyboards, but we managed it – despite insane hangovers from Muskelrock, Metallsvenskan, Bang Your Head or Hell’s Pleasure.

    In this issue we’ve tied down some in-depth exclusive interviews with cult Italian masters DEATH SS, British thrash overlords ONSLAUGHT and death dealers EXHUMED. Olivier ‘Zoltar’ Badin also spoke to both Chritus Linderson and Scott Reagers (who NEVER does interviews) about two SAINT VITUS albums that he believes deserve more attention.


    This time last year, when we were just brainstorming our first issue, we never expected to make it to issue 6 and we want to thank you for all the support over the past 12 months and don’t want to ever stop. As we start to work on issue 7, our first year anniversary issue, we want to dedicate this one to you, our readers, who have given us the encouragement and ass-kicking needed to keep demonstrating the IRON FIST!!!

    Thank you so much

  • issue-5-cover

    Published on June 4th, 2013
    We take the rough with the smooth here at Iron Fist – you cannot have one without the other. And with every celebration there is an element of tragedy, or for the optimists there is a cause for celebration in every moment of sadness. We started Issue 5 of Iron Fist in a celebratory mood – one of metal’s most important albums – ‘Holy Diver – was about to turn 30, but in talking to lead guitarist Vivian Campbell we learned how miserable the making of that landmark record made him, spilling the beans of the well-documented fall-out between him and Ronnie James Dio. We also wanted to celebrate the life and music of one of metal’s most important guitarists, Jeff Hanneman – Reign In Peace! But most of all we wanted to celebrate tenacity and perseverance, a thread running through interviews with Hungary’s underground cult thrashers, Tormentor and underrated NWOBHM heroes, Pagan Altar, Satan and Virtue. While Tormentor,  Pagan Altar and Virtue were noticed long after they’d called it quits, Satan journeyed through the hard times through many guises before reforming under their original name and making one of the albums of their career.

    In this issue we also speak to lifelong metal veterans Immolation and Summoning – from different ends of the musical spectrum perhaps, but both with a burning passion to create music with an eye to the future, but respecting their legacy. We also spoke to bands just starting their journey, such as Lantern from Finland, Vemod and Eldkraft from Sweden and The Oath from Germany and bands continuing on their own paths; Spiritual Beggars, Evile, Blood Ceremony, Entrails and more. Plus there’s all the usual album reviews, gig reviews and a double Japanese attakk from Sabbat and Church Of Misery. Dio once said “You’ve got desire, so let it out” and all the bands in this issue of Iron Fist are doing just that!

  • Iron-Fist-4-Cover

    Published on March 25th, 2013
    It’s apt that issue 4 of Iron Fist comes out in that twilight zone between the beginning of Spring and Easter, a time of death and rebirth. Because that’s what this issue feels like. When we came up with the idea for Iron Fist we knew we would give it a shot at three issues, see what the reaction was and who knew? We might not have even made it this far. But you, the readers, have been so supportive and it’s thanks to you that there is an issue 4, and will be an issue 5 and beyond. We owe you. Remember this is as much your zine as ours so get yourself onto our Facebook page and tell us what bands you want to see interviewed in future tomes.

    This is also the most personal issue of the mag so far. On January 22, The Devil’s Blood announced they were calling it a day, and as one of my favourite modern bands I was obviously crushed by the news. But after talking to their founder and architect Selim Lemouchi, he offered the opportunity to give Iron Fist the most definitive interview about their split and give us some hope about future projects. On a similar note, Ghost also talked to us about their incredible rise to infamy – from underground sensation to mainstream rock stars. In the interview with Iron Fist we talk about the old days (you know, way back in 2010) when they were playing The Underworld in Camden and putting out demos on MySpace (man, is that the new “retro”?) and how they’ve not changed their original manifesto of spreading their gospel to as many people as they can. Incidentally, we just saw them last night at Brixton Academy, playing to a packed out crowd of rabid fans – they might not exactly be an underground band but they have infiltrated the masses in such a sinister fashion we can’t help but applaud them.

    This weekend didn’t just see us partying with the Nameless Ghouls. On Saturday, our brilliant designer, Adam Zaars, was in town with his band Tribulation. Their new slice of occult death metal is out now on Invictus Records and they razed the Boston Arms in North London to the ground with live renditions of those new hymns. And the night before, new hyped-up horror heathens Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats played their first ever show and we were there to witness it. Both bands are interviewed in this issue and both talk about their unhealthy obsession with macabre movies.

    Speaking of, Electric Wizard are curating a day of horrid flicks at Roadburn Festival set to a soundtrack by the likes of Niklas Barker from Anekdoten and Attila Csihar and we spoke to them about what they’ve got up their sleeves for this and their day of music; The Electric Acid Orgy. But not only that, we interviewed most of this year’s must-see Roadburn line-up, including Dream Death, Ihsahn, Witchsorrow, Jess & The Ancient Ones, Seremonia, Moss, Amenra and Pallbearer.

    But that’s not all – we also interviewed Carcass about their comeback, Cathedral about their demise, Bolt Thrower about their upcoming tour of America, Gaahl about his return to black metal as well as Portal, Devil, Rotting Christ, Hate Meditation, In Solitude, Svartidaudi, Tormented and much more.

    If you’re going to Roadburn come say hi. We’ll be there and are even hosting two panels; one on Friday, where we’re going to debate whether “classic” albums are a thing of the past and on Record Store Day (Saturday) we’re throwing a party for record collectors and crate rattlers. Come join us. Details are over on

    Thank you so much for reading and supporting Iron Fist. Thanks to you we’re already working on issue 5… better crack on!

    Louise, editor



Published on January 25th, 2013

Iron Fist 3 Cover BIG


Welcome to the “difficult third issue” – difficult only because we put this magazine to bed        with serious post-festive hangovers – not doing that again in a hurry!!!!

This issue of Iron Fist ended up being actually the most fun to make – and not just because we were still pissed. It had a real spirit of the blitz vibe to it, as our editor Louise and her trusted sidekick Kim knuckled down to some serious pizza eating and sub-editing all-nighters, while our designer Adam told us were we dickheads for keeping him up all night – but the dude is a legend – look at that SAXON cover! The guy’s a genius. I’ve been editing magazines for years and reading them for even longer and that’s seriously the best-looking magazine cover I’ve ever seen. Please let us know what you think over at our Facebook page

It was also a bit of a fluke that all the articles in this issue kinda follow the same theme – we didn’t plan it, promise! You got the men that brought us all together on the cover and without knowing Ms Kelly opened her article about the METALPUNK crossover scene with that very sentiment, citing Mr Byford for opening the gates for the myriad heavy metal mergers since he sung those very words. And then talking about metalpunk, we chat to CATHEDRAL mainman Lee Dorrian about a lifelong dream of bringing his Anti Cimex inspired sideproject – also featuring Scott Carlson of REPULSION – to life and then we’ve got an interview with Scott about the making of Repusion’s sole and soul-destroying album ‘Horrified’.

Fenriz, of Norse blackened veterans DARKTHRONE, has been mixing metal and punk for aeons and has a Repulsion tattoo! And we talk to him too, not only about the new DT album but about being a heavy metal priest of sorts through his Band Of The Week blog – and so it makes sense that we also interview two BOTW inductees WITCHGRAVE and AGE OF TAURUS. In fact it was Toby from Age Of Taurus who interviewed Saxon for us… you see the full circle this magazine is going in?

It’s a family affair. And talking of family we interview the brothers Wikstrand from Swedish trad metal revivalists ENFORCER about their new album, which slots nicely alongside a tour report from their Canadian brothers CAULDRON, who happen to mention serious bouts of drinking with the Enforcer boys while hitting up Scandinavia on their recent jaunt over on this side of the pond. Plus they met Biff Byford in Newcastle. Newcastle, where RAVEN are from! They’re also interviewed by the one and only Damien, who’s been there and seen it all – he also chats to OMEN in this issue, which by the way was part of an intros round at a pub quiz I went to at Hole In The Sky once and it was killing me ‘cos I knew what it was but couldn’t remember… Joseph from Enforcer saved the day by whispering ‘Axeman’ in my ear and POW – we totally won. I say we, Tobias from Repugnant was on my team and pretty much answered everything anyway!

Repugnant aren’t interviewed, even though our designer Adam was in them, so I’m not digressing too much. What else is in this issue? Marek chats to NWOBHM legends SATAN about plans for a new album, Louise chats to HELL about their biggest show ever and Zoltar talks to Centurian about the death of Nox and Zouille from SORTILEGE about his recent projects. Kim gets the skinny on upcoming festivals DOOM OVER DENMARK and TRENDSLAUGHTER in India – in fact, we first found out about Trendslaughter on Annick’s regular column World Downfall and this time she heads to Malaysia and talks to death metallers KATHGOR. We also get to find out what Annick’s band CAUCHEMAR and the brilliant BLACK OATH are up to in the studio for their forthcoming albums, while Jeff Wagner looks back at the underrated genius of STILLBORN, Jeremy moans about record prices and we look forward to the upcoming GHOUL tour of the UK and the newest VOICES from the UK black metal scene. Talking about new stuff; we also have our regular Into Battle section with THRONE, CORSAIR, HERDER, DARKCORPSE, PASADENA NAPALM DIVISION, METAL GRAVE, DESOLATE SHRINE, NECROBLOOD, CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR, 13TH MOON, ALPHA TIGER and KARNARIUM.

Not content with musing over the new bands in that section, we also take a more in depth look at some of our favourite new bands of the month; ATTIC, ANGIST, CHAPEL OF DISEASE, DECEPTOR plus more from VOIVOD, FEN, SUPURATION, LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH and ASOMVEL. Plus reviews, live reviews – including a double page report from Sweden’s Forlorn Festival and an interview with the people behind the amazing Metal Archives website. Phew! Pick up the issue now from or your local news vendor!!




  1. Posted by Big D on February 11th, 2013, 22:00 [Reply]       

Loved the mag. Especially the Raven piece and the Metalpunk article – a scene I didn’t even know existed.
Cheers guys.

  1. Posted by jim on February 12th, 2013, 00:26 [Reply]          

hi louise be greatto do a interview for the new mag looks great jim raven black night

  1. Posted by Scott on February 21st, 2013, 16:10 [Reply]        

Just picked this up today! I think you’re right, this may be the best mag cover I’ve ever seen and I’ve been reading them for at least 25 years.

The interview with Darkthrone “Drummer” Fenriz is fantastic (and it looks like he’s really whupping Nocturno at the beard-growing competition). Can’t wait for their new album.

All the best and congrats on issue 3!




Published on November 30th, 2012


After launching in September we were so inspired by all the killer feedback we got for issue one, that we forged right ahead and here’s issue two of the ULTIMATE UNDERGROUND BIBLE to get your ‘head around.

With the ‘Head on tour around Europe at the moment, we caught up with Lemmy in 2012 AND Lemmy in 1981 (courtesy of the memory of veteran journo Garry Bushell) for our cover story and also delved into the past with FIRST EVER Finnish heavy metal band SARCOFAGUS, Metal Queen DORO, the label that launched Metallica and Slayer METAL BLADE and look at the first TIAMAT album and the legacy of INCANTATION!

Not one to discard the future though we also chat to FUNERAL THRONE, RUINS, DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT, HEXVESSEL, NECROS CHRISTOS, NECROCURSE, VAMPIRE, VEKTOR, WEAPON and much, much more



Published on September 13th, 2012


2000BC Publishing Ltd is proud to announce the launch of the first issue of Iron Fist magazine, which hits stores on September 26.

Featuring a world exclusive interview with Swedish black metal band WATAIN and a cover that was conceived by frontman Erik Danielsson, the debut issue also features a thirty-year retrospective interview with thrash titans Sodom, a harrowing chat with SHINING, a celebration of the genius of SARCOFAGO and GRAND MAGUS as well as the best in new and classic heavy, thrash, doom, death and black metal.

Says editor Louise: “This is a magazine dedicated to heavy metal. No mosh, no core, no trends, but lots of fun. I really hope you dig this. You can’t resist the Devil’s Grip!”

This is the magazine you’ve been waiting for!

Available in WH Smiths nationwide from September 26th as well as Europe, American and Asia, you can also order online at for national and international shipping.




Published on March 22nd, 2013


Iron Fist Magazine presents a panel debate at Roadburn Festival, in the V39 venue on Friday April 19 at 2pm. We will ask the questions whether it is possible to make a truly great and classic album in 2013? Roadburn Festival is a community of music lovers and in our record collections there are no doubt albums that are regarded as “classics”, whether it’s ‘Killers’‘Rumours’,‘Unknown Pleasures’‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ or ‘In The Nightside Eclipse’.

However, is it possible to make an album of that magnitude in the modern day music scene? Are the labels supporting truly great artists? When you can record an album in your bedroom in a day are we putting quantity before quality? With digital distribution, is the way an album sounds or presented unimportant today? Should we worry about selling a physical product in a record shop, the old-fashioned way, or through a website only? What will the legacy be of the albums of our generation? What albums will we insist our children listen to?

Moderated by Iron Fist editor, Louise Brown, she will be joined by musician and artist John Baizley, music journalist Jonathan Selzer, record producer Jaime Gomez Arellano, freelance music PR manager Rebecca Laverty and Michael Berberianowner of Season of Mist Records to stir up the debate and hopefully get closer to answering the question; where are the modern great albums?